Thank you for taking the time to read this message before contacting us.

When emailing us, please tell us if you are familiar with the Newfoundland breed. This breed is not for everyone, and we can help you with your decision about adding a Newfoundland to your family. We suggest that you carefully review this link before going any further in this message.

When you contact us for information please include information such as: your name and where you live, if you want a male or a female, looking for a show prospect or pet, and tell us about the facility you have to care for your Newfoundland (ex. a fenced yard, crate training, work hours), and if you have ever owned a Newfoundland before.

We know you are interested in our dogs, but we also are interested in you. It is very important to us to select the very best homes for our puppies. We like to have all prospective buyers visit our kennel, our dogs, and observe our puppies. It is important that a Newf and your family make a good match. They DO drool, they DO shed, and the cute little puppies grow into VERY big dogs that require a lot of care.

We provide a written guarantee on the health of your puppy. Following our exercise, feeding, and care schedule is important for the health and well-being of your dog. Contact with the buyers is important to us and in this way we are able to answer questions that might arise. We hope to continually hear from you throughout the lifetime of your Newfoundland.

If you are still interested, we ask that you visit this page and fill out this questionnaire so that when we have a telephone interview, we are more familiar with your background and what you are looking for in a Newfoundland dog. The questionnaire can be printed out and faxed to us or you can address the questions in an email response. Please be sure to respond to all the points in this questionnaire.


Many thanks to Dave and Ellen Lamke of Picabo Newfoundlands for allowing us to use their questionnaire.