We obtained our first Newfoundland in 1974 and bred a few litters through the 1980s. To establish our current kennel bloodline, we wanted a solid foundation bitch with size, bone, and balance. In 1993, we obtained our present line brood bitch, Can CH BOSS Bearbrook’s Blink of ‘N Eye (Blinken) from Hilda Ginter of Bearbrook Newfoundlands. Blinken was OFA excellent and heart clear. She was very special to us and as you can see on our web site, everything that we own is related to her in some way. She had two litters and lived until over 11 years of age.

Our goal is to enjoy our dogs and produce healthy puppies with the true Newfy temperment. We do heart checks with a board certified cardiologist when our puppies are 9 weeks old. For all our adults, we OFA hearts, hips and elbows and also check cystinuria genetic status. All of our dogs are DNA registered with the AKC. We have worked very hard to make sure our dogs meet breed standard and are most importantly healthy, wonderful companions.


Anyone interested in Newfoundland dogs is welcome to contact us by email or phone. We encourage folks to visit us in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont to see our dogs in person. In the Spring of 2007, we completed our new kennel facility (pictured below). We have 8 indoor/outdoor runs in a climate-controlled building.

Kennel1 sm

To view our Facilities Inspection Report from February, 2010, click HERE.