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Thank you for visiting our website. Here you will see our Newfs of the past, present, and our hopes for the future. Most of our dogs are descendents of Can CH BOSS Bearbrook’s Blink of ‘n Eye born 06/23/93. Blinken was a wonderful foundation bitch with many great qualities such as size, bone, health, and a great temperament that she passed on to future generations.

This web site is designed for you to obtain information about the Longship dogs and breeding program. We do announce litters and planned breedings for reference.

The health and temperaments of our Newfoundlands are a priority in our breeding program. We check for Cystinuria by DNA analysis, submit x-rays to OFA and often to Penn Hip for evaluation of hips and elbows. Our dogs’ hearts are OFA cleared by a board-certified Cardiologist and are on the OFA website. Eyes are CERF cleared. Our dogs are all considered members of the family, each with their own unique personality. We are members of the Newfoundland Club of America, Newfoundland Club of New England, Northland Newfoundland Club, and the Canadian Kennel Club. We’re also active members of two local clubs: the Champlain Valley Kennel Club and the Burlington Obedience Training Club.

Newfies are NOT a breed for everyone, so please do your research, ask questions, and visit several breeders before deciding if they are right for you. They take a lot of dedication, grooming, training, and love in order to make them a perfect pet. The Newfoundland Club of America website (link below) is a great resource.


Why the name Longship?

Leif Ericson and the Norseman came to the northern end of this continent bringing the great Newfoundland dog with them to guard their ships. The Norseman boats were known as ‘longships.’


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